ADT Smartthings hub


My webcore integration was working fine with 4 pistons.
All of a sudden, webcore dashboard does not show the ADT hub status properly.
IE: if I arm the alarm, it still shows it disarmed in the webcore dashboard at the top.
I have a piston that arms the hub, it says it is arming in the webcore log, but the hub does not arm.
It seems there is a disconnect between webcore and the ADT hub.
any ideas?


Try rebooting the hub (from the IDE or by removing the power and battery).


Tried that.
Also uninstalled all webcore components and reinstalled.
Seems when I arm the hum from smartthings app and look at the webcore dashboard it still says disarmed.


Do you use the Classic app or new ST app? WebCoRE can not read the status of SmartThings Home Monitor from the new app. WebCoRE can only detect status from Smart Home Monitor from the Classic app.


Try writing a simple piston that disarms the panel. Arm it from the panel and then run the piston. The state sometimes gets out of sync and the the two times it happened to me I was able to get it resolved that way.