Blink Arming - IFTT Alternative using API


I tried the piston you kindly sent me but I don’t understand why it puts “,” in the variables. I noticed in the log that there is a “Homescreen” that I don’t understand what it refers to.

my synchronization module is called “giricri” and within the video cameras section the single device is called “camera”. i don’t see homescreen anywhere.

I do not know what to do! I tried andhe to enter “,” as the blink module name, but it doesn’t work


It appears that the api address was cleared during the import. Shown as empty in the top image. Looking back at previous posts, the address in shown as empty there as well.

The initial POST request should be sending to the expression {api_start}api/v4/account/login . That post generates a auth token and pulls account information which is needed for further requests.

The GET request should be directed to the expression {alt_api_start}api/v3/accounts/{account_id}/homescreen. The pulls information from a portion of the api called the homescreen. This is where the module information is held.

The piston is attempting to create a comma seperated list in that variable. A list of module name and module ids.

If you are certain that the module name is giricri then that is what should have been entered in the original piston as the blinkNames.


I give up! I’ve made a lot of attempts but it doesn’t work. You were very kind in trying to fix the problem.