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Feature requests, bug reporting, and general functions. [Please select appropriate sub cat when posting]

Instructions & Tutorials

This category is ONLY for instructional writeups detailing functionality of webCoRE. User requested assistance and examples have dedicated categories below.

Example Pistons

This category is for WORKING examples only. If you’re looking for help on your pistons, please create a thread in the Piston Design Help category. Think of this category as more of a wiki for working examples with questions welcome.

Piston: Design Help

So you need some help or advice on Piston design, or someone to troubleshoot your work. Step inside and get talking. The community is here to help. Please be sure to include and green snapshot of a piston and relevant logs when asking a question.

General ST/HA Discussions (Non WC related)

Discussing (non WebCoRE) SmartThings and/or general Home Automation related topics here.


Developer discussions have a home here. Whether you are a Device or SmartApp dev who wants to integrate more seamlessly with WebCoRE, we want to hear it. Let’s make everything work better, together!

Legacy CoRE

This category is for discussions of all kinds that relate to the original CoRE.
Please confine all CoRE discussions here.


This category is for all things Hubitat related.