Can I use high from today and tomorrow on weather tile in a piston?



Hi guys,

I’ve activated the weather tile in SmartThings. Can I make a piston which makes use of today’s high value and tomorrows high value? I can’t seem to access them in the piston properly (just the current temperature). Any help in accessing these somehow would be great.


Take a look at the weather data available and you should be able to edit to get what you want:


indexOf([WeatherTile:forecastTomorrow],"High ")+5,
indexOf([WeatherTile:forecastTomorrow],“F.”)-(indexOf([WeatherTile:forecastTomorrow],"High ")+5))

Replace all instances of WeatherTile with your device’s actual name. Also this will come out as a string, so you’ll need to wrap the whole thing in integer() if you’re doing any calculation.

(expression) mid([WeatherTile:forecastTomorrow], indexOf([WeatherTile:forecastTomorrow],"High ")+5, indexOf([WeatherTile:forecastTomorrow],“F.”)-(indexOf([WeatherTile:forecastTomorrow],"High ")+5)) »»» (string) 103


Perfect, thanks a lot!

I assume for todays high, the same thing works but with forecastToday in instead, I realise that after a certain point forecast today disappears (around 3pm it seems) so i’ll program accordingly


It does work the same for forecastToday

(expression) mid([WeatherTile:forecastToday], indexOf([WeatherTile:forecastToday],"High ")+5, indexOf([WeatherTile:forecastToday],“F.”)-(indexOf([WeatherTile:forecastToday],"High ")+5)) »»» (string) 104


Strangely my Forecast Today tile doesn’t appear, anyone know why? Does the feature not exist anymore?


Looking at the twc page I think there was probably an easier way of doing it anyway


Appears to give me todays high and


Appears to give me tomorrows max - I think that’s correct anyway.


Yes, you might be better off using that. Looks like the weather tile’s forecast text varies… the same expression above gives me »»» (string) near 105


Am I right in thinking temperatureMax[1] is tomorrow? And temperatureMax[2] is the day after that etc? With 0 being today?


You might want to post in the $twcweather thread… I don’t do much weather stuff. Arizona is just hot and very hot ;D


Quick answer:

Longer answer:
Yes, although I believe that data switches over in the 3 o’clock hours.
(IE: from approximately 3:15pm to 3:15am, [0] will always be null)

For example:

3:05PM: temperatureMax:[79, 73, 72, 73, 73, 65, 59, 62, 64, 68, 69, 68, 69, 70, 71]
3:35PM: temperatureMax:[null, 73, 72, 72, 73, 66, 59, 62, 64, 68, 68, 68, 69, 70, 72]

To see this in action, let’s examine the 24 hours period on a Monday:

Monday from 12am to ≈3am

[0] = null
[1] = Monday’s data

Monday from ≈3am to ≈3pm

[0] = Monday’s data
[1] = Tuesday’s data

Monday from ≈3pm to 11:59pm

[0] = null
[1] = Tuesday’s data

The ≈ represents “approximately” here.

Note: The earliest I have ever seen it change over is 2:58… The latest is 3:36…


(you can see a 33 day graph of these variances here)


Apologies for reviving an old thread, but even 20 months later, important data still drops when using $twcweather.forecast.

To overcome this limitation, I have created a piston to preserve certain data so it is always available… Even during those null times…