Chromecast piston


I do not have an example handy, but basically:

WebCoRE sends a command to the RPi… Then the RPi copies ClassicRock.jpg to Static.jpg… A few seconds later, ActionTiles updates the image.

Later on, the RPi can copy Bluegrass.jpg to Static.jpg… etc


Oh I see, it kind of sets the static.jpg to a different image, copies it over. In your own time (I couldn’t find any examples) if you have something do pass it along please.


Is there a way to imitate a mobile app’s way of cast to device?

Just to get all the information there are avaible to chromecast devices, like track information and more.

I use webcore to start playing.


Unfortunately, I do not have an example handy…

If this were my project, I would:

  • First create a Static.jpg on the RPi for ActionTiles to see…
  • Then, I would work on a script on the RPi that copies ClassicRock.jpg to Static.jpg…
  • Finally, I would focus on webCoRE triggering that script.

Once the above is working, then any piston can execute any script.


If your Android is linked to your Chromecast, then the $3 app called Tasker can see whatever your Android can see. (and can do a myriad of things with that data)

Pro Tip:

There is also an inexpensive plugin for Tasker called AutoCast that adds even more capabilities with Chromecast. (Great 6 min vid here)

If you decide to go this route, you will be happy to know that Tasker can send / receive commands to / from webCoRE… So, with some patient coding, you can really go far with this.