Clearing a list?


err … ok … thank you? didnt know you were suffering from that temptation too :wink:


Did this ever get implemented any way? I just ran into an issue with a weather alert piston (apparently multiple alerts are common at the same time) that would EASILY be cleared by being able to dump the alert text, alert type and alert status code into three array… er, string lists with corresponding indices… I barreled down the path for an hour only to figure out when the array was packed I can’t clean it out and reinit, so it becomes completely useless on second run… (But you already knew that didn’t you @bangali)

I’m keeping my Webcore install stock so as much as I want to I’m not implementing B’s workaround. Did this ever get pushed into the main, planned to be as we update to Rules API?

Bueller? Bueller?