Door Code Support


Hello there! Quick and easy questions.
Does Webcore have the ability to know which codes are entered at the door lock and unlocked the door?



It should return $currentEventDeviceIndex (need to verify) for the code used but not the actual code entered. Depending on the device handler, and I don’t know of any handler that returns info on what code is used to lock a door, it may be possible.


That is device dependent. Some devices provide the info and yes, it can be used in those instances. I will defer further info to those who have experience in this matter.


Thanks guys. I have a kwikset 910. If anyone has any experience using this lock to get the info it would be prime.



That’s how my Yale lock works. Lock 1,2,etc corresponds to the user


You rock @jrfarrar. My kwikset also does this. Now I can go crazy and set up a home mode for when the in laws come over.


Haunt them! :wink:


The Schlage BE469 (and presumably others) tells you which user slot opened the lock. The data in IDE is

“usedCode”: 3

With 3 being the particular user slot used this time. Could be 1 to 30.
Anyway, I’m new to webcore. But presumably, ‘usedCode’ is a variable that webcore could somehow grab?

If I can grab it, I can send it to Tasker via AutoNotification and use it to make audio greetings for each person. Have webcore make a notification that says “frontdoorunlocked 3”, and when it comes up on the android device the word ‘frontdoorunlocked’ triggers the profile and the variable ‘3’ triggers the voice greeting for user 3.


Use log to console and try $args.usedCode. If that doesn’t work then use $args and see what comes up


Nope, nothing available. Not a big deal, as the lock slots themselves are available in webcore.

It just means I have to maintain the access list in one more place. It’s thankfully not a long list.


This will be my first webcore attempt, and I have no clue what I’m doing! I do know I’ll need something similar to OP here, but a little simpler. I think.

I just want to turn on some interior lights when the back door is unlocked via keypad or key - that way, I can make sure the lights are only turning on when I’m coming in, and not when I leave.

Pretty simple I thought. But things like Smartrules and smart lighting can’t do it because the “unlocked by…” option doesn’t exist, they keep it more general.

How would I even begin to go about defining this in my first…“webcore”? I don’t even know what to call it!