ESP8266 integration


Depending on what kind of chipset is used, you can use this library for your RF:


Hi…i am a new user here. I did buy an arduino starter kit and an esp8266 and have been watching some u-tube vids on them. So I am new to all of this, If you could make a guide for dummies, it would be approciated. I know everyone is busy with their own life and if your too busy, I understand, and thanks for what you have put up so far.

heavy copper pcb


Just ask your questions, ill be happy to answer them!


Hi…I think that there may be an incompatibility or version problem between the main program and the libraries. Unfortunately I lack the programming experience to move forward and debug this.
The example hardware/software setup I am using is from the IOT-Playground site and I have bought five 8266 modules in anticipation of getting this working. The PCB assembly of 8266 module is really good and while writing the code it makes easy to identify the components and write the suitable code. The code was written by Igor Jarc and I downloaded the Arduino Sketch and associated libraries.
Unfortunately there appears to be an issue with the support forums on the IOT-Playground site so I cannot seek their help in debugging.