Garbage Collection Reminder



not sure that the push notification is working with the new smartthings app, don’t receive any notification

Is there another way to make it work ?



With the new app, we need to select “Store in Messages”.



Here’s my piston that calculates holidays, with no reliance on a link to an external calendar. It’s been working flawlessly since I translated it in late 2018 from my Tasker routine that did the same thing.


I understand the ‘X’, ‘4’ and ‘T’… but what are all the ‘M's’…?


Those are all the holidays that fall on Mondays. What the piston associated with this does is to alert me as to what goes to the curb. So on Sunday night, it will tell me to put the kitchen trash and yard waste (grass cuttings, hedge trimmings etc) to the curb for collection the next day. But MLK, President’s Day, Labor Day etc all fall on a Monday - so there’s no pickup.

So my piston sees that, and a) does not make the automated announcement on that Sunday night or Monday morning… and b) if I ask it, it says “no pickup tomorrow” or “no pickup today”. For (b), it no longer does that since the demise of Echo Speaks. But I may try to do an Alexa routine for that at some point in the next many months.


Ahh yes… Processed in another piston. That was the missing piece. :sunglasses:

I like it!

I wish you’d reconsider my webCoRE > Android workaround for text-to-speech.
(It is still working flawlessly 4 years later)


I’m thinking that a Garbage Schedule app for Alexa might be a great thing. The user inputs the items (garbage, yard waste, rubbish, recycling, etc) and indicates what day(s) each is taken. The user also inputs the holidays taken by their pickup agent. Then, on any day, the user can ask “Alexa, what is the next garbage pickup” and she would reply with the day and the items. She could also be configured for a reminder announcement the evening before, and/or the morning of, each pickup.

Edit: it exists! Will have to see which of them works best