Help with Daily Routine- Dim On/Off & Cancellation


Hey all. Trying to build a piston that runs daily at sunset and 11pm that dims the lights on and off respectively, but then adjusts based on physical interactions with the switch.

The on portion is pretty straight forward and doesn’t seem to have issues- on 1/2 hour before sunset, dim from 0 to 70 over an hour.

The “off” is where I need some guidance. I’d like the light to fade to 40% at 11pm if the level has stayed at 40% or above. More or less I don’t want the light to get brighter if I’ve manually dimmed it to say, 30%.

Whatever the level, I’d like the light to fade from it’s current level to 0 and off over the course of an hour. I’d also like the “fade” action to cancel if there is any interaction with the light within that hour, e.g. I raise the dim level (this part I haven’t figured out and isn’t represented in the piston).

Any help would be much appreciated.



As far as I know, it is currently impossible to cancel fades once they have begun.
(with the possible exception of actually pausing the fade piston)

Full conversation can be found here: Fade Cancellation


give this a try:

Trying to get a gentle wake up lighting piston to work properly

I completely dropped the ball on this. Thank you so much. Giving this a try.