Hourly Weather Forecast Tiles




It seem to work for me with that http format string.


I made the changes and selected test and see no tiles. Is there something else I’m suppose to do???
Also, how to I blacken out or block certain info from being see in a piston?



Yes, to show a piston as a tile, you need to go into WebCore settings page and create a category for your piston to be located. Note the Tiles/Details setting.

For example, here are my categories and I placed your weather piston in the Location Dashboard category.


I did this exactly as you suggested.Where do you see the tile??
Also,it says This piston is currently active and humming happily.


All of a sudden it worked.Thanks everyone.
Lastly, how do I get these hourly weather tiles to show up in either ActionTiles or in SmartThings




Does this piston design have some unwanted recursion in it?

The form every hour, at :02 past the hour is true for an entire minute.

Since the piston calls itself no wait, it seems for the time during that minute the piston would keep calling itself recursively.

It seems that either the every hour at :02 needs a wait for 61+ seconds, before calling the piston recursively, or all the code below should be moved into the every hour block.


The command:
is a trigger… Meaning it fires once at two minutes and zero seconds past each hour…

What you are describing is a condition such as:
IF $minute = 2
which is true for 60 seconds in a row


When using an icon like “:wu-v4-32:”, is it possible scale the icon so that it displays smaller? Is there a function for that? If yes, I could not find it.


I don’t believe that it is possible. The icons scales automatically depending on the size of the tiles.


I have not tested it with the WU icons, but it is easy with the FontAwesome icons.
Here is an example of the :fa-cloud: icon being stretched 130%:


Keep in mind that 130% in the ‘footer’ is not the same size as 130% in the center ‘text’ region.



Thanks, I’ll play with it.


First of all, love the piston. I’ve been using it for a long time now. However, I’ve been kinda messing around and looking at the Accuweather info on the website, and was wondering why you didn’t use Accuweather’s icons. They look really cool, and the dth uses them.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to swap one set for the other.