How to send https URL to a web server on my LAN?


webCoRE executes in the cloud and most http/https requests are sent from the cloud. However when it detects your URL has an IP address in one of the private ranges it assumes you want to talk on your internal network and uses a hubAction to get the hub to make the request.

I don’t think the hub can make local https requests.


Thanks @WCmore… I will look at these after work today. I just can’t figure it out. I have successful URL requests that do what I need when I send them from any device on my LAN via web browsers. My Blue Iris control PC resides on my internal network and on the same subnet, just can’t get WebCore to successfully send the exact same request and have Blue Iris execute it. Frustrating for sure!


I am having the same problem. I am actually trying to send a profile change to Blue Iris from webcore. I can send from browser on local network using “http://192.168.x.x:xxx/admin?profile=4&lock=2”. BI is password protected - even when I use the app over wifi - but for some reason I don’t have to enter that although I’m using a browser on a different computer. Line in Webcore is “Make a Get request to http…”
Basically, everything is the same except the command after the admin? and minus the user and password info. It didn’t work when I used user a pw either tough.
I’ve seen another thread wear someone said they could do this, but they were talking to someone trying to something else between Webcore and Blue Iris and didn’t elaborate. If I can find that thread again, I’ll try to ask
Also, my log shows that an internal http request with that info was sent. I waited awhile in case it was delayed but nada.