How to slowly brighten my room?


I need help on slowly brighten the room at when triggered by certain time of the day. My bulbs are dimmable and my smart switch is also dimmable. Instead of just turned on the light at 6AM, I like to slowly brighten the room from zero to 100% brightness over 5 minutes. If this is possible, any pointer is much appreciated.


Hi @2Charlie
fade in fade out.
FADE LEVEL option will give you “how long” and “between the levels”


I use this for waking up in the mornings, it should do the trick:


Just be aware @2Charlie that once a ‘Fade’ begins, it is nearly impossible to stop it until the timer is up.
(because of this, I tend to limit my fades to short durations)


WCmore, is there a way to interrupt the fading by introducing a Samsung smart button? For example, if the button controller is pressed, then pause, stop, or brighten to 100%? So something like:
Fade level from 0% to 100% in 3 minutes unless button controller is pressed or something like that.


The convoluted hack to stop a fade is a real pain in the butt. Personally, I would code with the assumption that the fade is going to complete it’s thing regardless of what you do. It is better to not even start a fade unless you are sure that you want it to run the entire duration.

In case you are curious, the hack is actually a whole bunch of tiny fades strung together, back to back, with a check between each to see if another condition is true or not. This really complexifies your code, and is not worth it, in my opinion.


I’ve never tried it but does pausing a piston interrupt the fade? If it does, you can create another piston that does just that… pause the piston with a fade and resume it in X seconds using your button controller.


Probably the answer is YES but wanted to ask anyway,
Cancel All Tasks won’t work then right?


It does, but I cannot recommend that path…


Well, the piston will not process the next command until the fade is complete…
(unless you add a second trigger, which I normally steer away from)


I need some help on setting up the day when the light will gradually fade to full 100% brightness. I only need the light to turn on based on a calendar like this. This is repeating for every month.


Why can’t I do:

every other Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, at 5:20AM

It seems I can only select one day of the week.


Here is how I would do this.

If you delay importing this until the new week begins (any time after Sunday 2AM) then it will automatically be in sync with your schedule. If you decide to import this today (Saturday), then you will have to manually change the variable workSat once. (ask me if you don’t know how to do this)

Also note that I did not use a fade, but you already know my thoughts on that. Feel free to experiment if you want to.

One last observation, if there is ever a glitch in the execution, the lights will default to ON at that time. I had to choose the fall back to either on or off, and it seemed more important to be at work on time, so that was how I programmed it. If you want any errors to keep the light off, then edit the two highlighted words, and change the last true to false.

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