Life360 presence 1st home, Last Home, etc


Thank you for the extra information. I’m going to look into the second method - I currently use Tasker to indicate if I’m home/away but I like a better background process like a piston.

Seriously, your help around here is so awesome. Thank you!



I just wanted to say thank you. I used your presence monitoring solution yesterday 2auk with life360 presence monitors and it is flawless


Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate that…
(I forgot I had even posted that)

… oh, and welcome to the club. :grin:


I forget if I posted this here or over on ST, but is there anything that works well on Android for presence that isn’t Life360? I find it invasive and creepy.

I wish I could use wifi as a trigger here, but I have wifi in my car, so I can’t make Tasker work for that. I’ve also found AutoLocation to be completely unreliable. That isn’t it’s fault, but instead Android’s fault.

Anyone got any other ideas?


AutoLocation with Tasker is awesome, but it takes extreme patience to set it up.
IE: The location level can be changed, depending on other factors.
For example, extreme scan when I am within 2 miles of my home, but relaxed scanning once I am home.

If you don’t take the extra time to designate special rules, then it stays generic.

This would still work when you arrive at home or at work. (assuming there is some kind of WiFi at work)

I use “WiFi Connect” to trigger I am home… and “WiFi (Not) Near” to trigger I have left.


Wifi Near actually works? I tried it many years ago, but thought it either didn’t work very well or required a lot of battery. Is that wrong?


I told my Android to not go to sleep, and to keep WiFi on, even when the device is not being used. These options prevents Android from trying to conserve battery by shutting down the WiFi when it is not in use.

Once I changed those settings, WiFi Near works very well… When my phone gets about 100 feet away from my router, the WiFi Near toggles, and the command is sent to my SmartHome.

Pro Tip:

Tasker has a bunch of other settings that can be tweaked… Two of the biggest ones (in this case) are how frequently you want Tasker to work behind the scenes. (checking WiFi, checking GPS etc)

There are two main sections. One is how frequent when the screen is on, and one is how frequent you want to poll when the screen is off. (Preferences > Monitor)

Both of these influences the response time, as well as the battery consumption.

All that being said, My Tasker typically uses about 1 - 1.5% of my daily battery.
(I am not 100% confident that that number includes the WiFi antenna though)