Migrating to HE. Any major loss of functionality?



It just seems strange to me that webCoRE on SmartThings can send me an SMS text but webCoRE on habitat cannot.


It’s not that it cannot, it costs $$. I may have read that you can set up your own SMS but at your own expense.


Hi all - I’m the process of switching over webCore from ST to HE. One unexpected thing I ran into was the differences in how HE does not update Zwave switch physical button presses unless they are new generation (Zwave plus, I think).

Fortunately I found this https://community.hubitat.com/t/device-status-not-updated-when-switch-is-physically-toggled/52179 along with some links there, where the issue and solutions were discussed. The threads are closed now, but a great resource for anyone needing to support this. Apparently it’s not an issue with ST but is with HE. I worked around it by using the ZWave Poller app. Alternatively I could have replaced the switches with newer ones, but I have a lot of them and wasn’t worth the expense and effort to me.

Anyway I hope this helps someone out there!


Wait, what? I didn’t have any issues with my Zwave switches when I switched over.


I think it’s probably because you have newer switches, perhaps with Zwave Plus. Mine are over 5 years old. If you’re interested in the details, the link I referenced covers it well.


Is it dependant on the device handler you use? I had the opposite “problem” with my fibaro dimmer 2 modules. In HE I can now distinguish between physical & program switch changes. This is using a community DH, not the default HE DH.
I had to try several DH for my fibaro single switches before I found one that would detect a physical change.