Multi-Switch Operation


Interesting. I just recently made the transition to Hubitat because of issues similar to that. I’ve still got a few things left on the ST side. Hubitat (the C7 version specifically) seems so fragile compared to ST, but possibly more stable because of no cloutages. It might be that some of the stuff I’m doing also caused issues in ST that I didn’t know, but was able to isolate now. I just got so sick of weekly issues, and waiting 8 seconds for lights to turn on. Killing echo speaks was the last straw.

Back to the topic: Would it make sense to verify that there isn’t something else controlling @jyates15’s lights? For ST, you can check the device page on to see which pistons use the lights and make sure there isn’t something else that is flipping them that shouldn’t be.


Thanks folks. I’ll keep working at it in the next few days and letcha know how far I get (or don’t get is more likely). Appreciate the continued suggestions.


@guxdude this has seemed to work most consistently for me, appreciated!