No motion for 30 minutes then do


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I have game room upstairs that I trigger active when things happen, and then shut down when things stop. Worked great before I migrated, but doesn’t now. It immediately shuts down after being trigger.
So I want to write a piston to do this.

2) What is the expected behaviour?

3) What is happening/not happening?
Above immediately is triggered with game room going active (mode change).

How do I implement using WebCore?


must be beyond the capabilities of webcore.


Harmony Activities are notorious…

WebCoRe would work great with Location mode as the trigger, with lights and motion sensors as the conditions

To see some of the quirks of Harmony, take a look thru this forum.


this seems to work so far…

trigging scene with web request:

harmony (unknown device 1) seems to work, just checking that it is off ("–"). i could use a wall plug switch i use to turn off subwoofer, vampire power, if this turns out not to work.


… or as you so aptly demonstrated:

great with motion sensor as the trigger , with lights and Location mode as the conditions.

Kudos! :+1:

Pro Tip:

If you keep the STAY trigger (line 19), I would encourage not adding any different triggers in the future. (it can easily break the timer) Ideally, the only lightning bolts should be next to “Motion Sensor 7’s motion”, as you currently have.

For example, you could create a new block of:
IF Motion Sensor 7's motion changes to active
somewhere in that piston, because it’s the same device & attribute.