Overriding a light already on


I have a hallway leading into my Master bathroom. I have a motion sensory in the bathroom that turns on the lights and a contact sensory on the door that when closed I want it to keep the lights on regardless of motion. However I can’t seem to sort this out. Once the motion sensory detects motion the lights turns on, but if I shut the bathroom door and stand motionless the lights still go off. How do I accomplish this?


Sorry I’m not Hubitat user but I believe webcore still works the same.
How do you turn off the lights when no motion? any piston?


I use both and for something like this it would be pretty much identical.
So post your piston and perhaps someone can give you some pointers.

I would think just adding an IF right after the command that determines activity has stopped would work.

If Contact is open
turn off light


I would attack this from both angles…

Motion Sensor piston

IF Sensor's motion changes to active         <-- Trigger
    Then Turn on light

IF Sensor's motion stays inactive for 5 min  <-- Trigger
    IF Door is open                          <-- Condition
        Then Turn off light
    END IF

Door Contact piston

IF Door's contact changes to closed     <-- Trigger
    Then Turn on light

IF Door's contact stays open for 5 min  <-- Trigger
    Then Turn off light

Lighting on with motion

Thanks, will give this a try