[RELEASE] Value Tiles - DTH for displaying webCoRE variables / Stats in a 'Thing'



The latest version on my Git has the background colors removed… I preferred it without.

Looks like new lines isn’t possible within the sent value… but can be done manually in the device handler though, if you have a standard tile heading you want or something?

Let me know and I can tell you what to tweak on the handler.


I would love to know how to do that. At the same time, I can learn a bit about tile layout of DTH’s)


What are you trying to achieve? Is it standard text on line 1 tile 1, that will never change?


SHM Status:


If I understand correctly, we’ll be adding a standard heading to each of the 5 tiles? I.e. I’ll still have 5 tiles, but each with permanent headings - that would be fine.

Is your Github integrated with the IDE?


not integrated… sorry… I’m not sure how to get it setup.

For each tile shown in the device handler… change:





In the tile section of the DTH you can also play about with tile size etc…


Sorry Robin, I’m a bit slow here - where in the DTH would I then add the Title of the Tile?


replace the text “Title” in my example for the text you want… it all goes in the tiles section of the DTH, no need to define anything further down.


valueTile("Value1", "device.Value1", width: 3, height: 1, canChangeBackground: true) {
 			state "default", label:'SHM Status:\n${currentValue}'

Will display as:

SHM Status:
{Value sent from webCoRE}


Thanks for the help.


You may remember that you added this function to your FGS-222 DTH for me, to display the position of blinds, which I open/close in 5 increments. I set the value to a variable “blindsPosition” which shows a number between 1 - 5, where 1 is fully open and 5 fully closed. Currently, I use an expression “Stairs Blinds Position: {blindsPosition}” to set the value of the tile.
Is it possible to set up the expression so that it works more or less as follows:
If value of {blindsPosition} = 1, make the expression “Stairs Blinds Closed”;
If value of {blindsPosition} >1 but <5, make the expression “Stairs Blinds Position: 2” or 3 or 4;
If value of {blindsPosition} > 4, make the expression “Stairs Blinds Open”.


(blindsPosition == 1 ? “Stairs Blinds Closed” : (blindsPosition == 5 ? “Stairs Blinds Open” : “Stairs Blinds Position: "{blindsPosition}))


I’ve still yet to install this but wondering what it looks like when added to favorites on the dashboard page. Does it show the values?


It shows the value of value1… but not in full (adds … to the end):



Wait. What?! You don’t have a hub?



  • I moved to a rented home to get a good school for my daughter. Can’t touch wiring there and I hate smart bulbs.
  • I let my Smart Home to some very lucky tenants.
  • I’m buying another home towards the end of the year which I’ll make into a spaceship :smile:


I used mine to put all my temp sensors in one place.

I modified the DTH to add more tiles and format the layout differently. I made it a separate DTH just for temps. Also the main temp background color changes based on temperature.

Note: a few “rooms” are actually displaying the average of between 2-3 sensors in that room.

And the floor average uses the room’s average temp rather than the total temp (2-3 sensors in a room) divided by sensors

My piston is a little bit overkill, but I’ve literally got it triggering for any update of anything hourly, if anything comes in, if anything doesn’t happen it refreshes, I want completely up-to-date temperatures.

Also this piston has been used for a long time in different ways and over the past year I’ve “frankensteined” it to do more and different things, and now this tiles push.
Keep it in mind, it’s not as clean as it could be.


My apologies as I haven’t gotten into the weeds in your piston but is it the pisto that does the averaging of the temperatures? So its just plug and play by specifying my sensors in piston and then then the rest works itself out for me?


@Cozdabuch I’m just curious what the blacked out rooms are called???

Here’s my best guesses:

  • Sex Dungeon
  • Torture Chamber
  • Minute Man Silo

Nice expansion of the DTH fuzzy green man!!


I’d noticed that too and wondered why some rooms were blacked out and not others. Hmm!


You have issues @Robin. Issues…

Kids rooms. (By name).

Seriously, issues…