Sending alerts


Just to be clear, this is the variable that you set?


Also, could you post a shot of the piston that executes the pushover piston? What arguments are you passing?


I set YourToken to the Pushover app token, user1key my Pushover user key. Should that have been set in string user?


Yes, where defaultUserOrGroupKey is now. That should do it.


I see. So the Token line 16 is the app token and the user key is on string user on line 20. I defined those. It works but the test still does not. I imported your new one and didnt modify except for calling the piston I posted above.


From the piston you’re calling it from, are you defining and passing the right arguments?

  • POmessage
  • POtitle (optional)
  • POpriority (optional)
  • POsound (optional)
  • POcallback (optional)


From the test piston, yes. Unless I am not following your question.


Ahhh… At this point, you might want to just pass ONLY POmessage.

You can read more about the callback feature on the Pushover API pages, but since you didn’t define a URL for POcallback, it failed.

Unless you want to get more familiar with the Pushover API, I would avoid POcallback. When in doubt, exclude everything optional and start with the minimum required.


Ah! That is it. I didnt realize that was not set up! Awesome. Thank you.


no problem!


Hey himn03, can you see what I am doing wrong here?

And on the Pushover piston I have put API token in line 16, my key in line 17 and 20 (not sure, does it go in both?)


Is there a similar way to do this with Pushbullet instead?


Anyone know why I am not getting a pushover notification?