The Future of WC with loss of ST Classic?


Hi there, excuses if this topic is being discussed elsewhere…

In light of the recent SmartThings news, which frankly we all were expecting at some point, which surely will bring sweeping changes to the ecosystem in which we all play everyday, what is to come of WebCoRE?

How can one continue to spend hours pouring heart and soul into creating such beautiful, complex smart home automations (Pistons) not knowing if they may tumble to the ground, broken by some stupid change by God knows what company the next day?

_Overly dramatic allegoristic narrative aside… starting with the basics, how will we setup WebCore to run on “the new” SmartThings app? What about the loss of IDE?

This is all so sad… granted I should accept the title “noob” in much of this. But having started really getting my feet wet, I am worried - was this all for naught?