The State of WebCore on Hubitat


Congrats on the successful move :slight_smile:


Did you ran webCore on HE or you re-write Rules with RM ?


All automation is done using webCoRE. There are a few things I did in RM but that was before I understood the differences between the and

Right now I am more than please with how webCoRE is functioning. I know RM is powerful but it can’t handle the more complex mathematical / number operations. Unless webCoRE and RM can communicate variables between them, I will develop on the one platform. Besides, it was much easier converting pistons over from SmartThings. All piston run local so I am good with that.


@an39511, What’ s differences between and ? I try to use webCoRe on HE but not stable ! ? !


I don’t know the difference. When I first started I was using for both SmartThings and HE. It was a pain because I either had to use two computers or logout of the account and log back in under another account. My problem using was the inability to call pistons from external URLs. Someone suggested I use which gave me that ability. I use both now. for the SmartThings hub and for Hubitat. Maybe someone with a better understand can explain the differences.


I don’t experience any stability problems. The only issue I have are occasional devices falling off the network. It was the same situation on SmartThings. Of course that has nothing to do with webCoRE. All I can say is make sure you are running the latest release for both the HE hub and webCore. I have experienced slow UI response from the HE hub but don’t know what causes it, other than I was doing a heck of a lot of device adding and piston conversions during that time. A reboot of the HE hub resolved the problem and now that things are humming along there have been no more hub bog downs


You can access multiple instances of webcore from . Simply select Register Instance from the menu and you enter the register code from the instance of webcore you want to set up and your password. Select Register Instance again for any additional instances you want to use. After that, you can switch from one instance to another from the pull-down menu in the upper left of the screen.

There is also a mobile browser app that is available if you don’t want to use your browser on your desktop or laptop.

I believe was just a preview/test site set up when they were updating the menu last year.

#28 has some HE specific changes in it.

I hope to finalize a pull request to get this moving toward dashboard.

Some of the ST / HE differences is

  • fuel streams are local on HE (but the dashboard displays them, so the dashboard needs to know about this)
  • external web requests are formatted differently for calling pistons from the outside - this is both the URL formats and how security is maintained.
  • webcore on HE can execute rules, so there are some changes on staging to be able to edit / call rules (IDE changes)

Other than these differences, they are very similar as far as dashboard.


Because of cloud vs local processing capabilities I am planning as well to move from ST to HE and actually I have about 80 pistons in WebCore in ST. Two questions:

  1. Is there a specific version from WebCore to be used in HE?
  2. Have anyone found a way to transfer all cuerrent pistons from WebCore ST to WebCore HE? (Rewriting my 80 pistons would be painful)


Yes, there is a is a webCoRE version for hubitat.found here;

I have a little over sixty pistons. What I did was back them all up into a file and then imported them into the new platform however, each piston has to be edited with the names of all the new devices on the new platform. It may sound bad but it took me less than a day to get them all converted. Depending on the complexity of your piston you may want to take snapshots of all your pistons before converting, that way you can see which devices were used. For the most part you probably won’t need them for reference but its a nice thing to have when you need it.


This is great, it looks like there is bo reason to stay in ST now that WebCore works well in HE. I will definitely migrate. Do you know who is maintaining WebCore? I heard that the guy who originally developed it is now and ST employee and not touching anymore WebCore


I assume it is the person who made the post in my previous link, but I am not totally sure. I also don’t know about the original webCoRE developer now working for SmartThings. If that is true it would be very good for them. If it wasn’t for webCoRE SmartThings wouldn’t be very smart. LOL!

It was stated that the webCoRE project would always be open source so the code is open for anyone that wants to work with it. The current version of webCoRE on Hubitat has a few bugs but I haven’t run into a situation where there isn’t a workaround so even if development stops I still have access to one of the greatest automation tools ever created.