webCoRE Update v0.3.107.20180806: Tons of new icons and infinite icon combinations, auto-expanding textareas


**This was cloudfront cache invalidation issue.

I’m seeing some weird checkbox behavior on the fuel stream page on a local instance. Clicking the checkbox will duplicate it. Not sure about on dashboard.webcore.co as I can’t get the fuel stream page to load for me.


So you’re all set now, right? Unfortunately cache issues are very common since the index.html and assets are not explicitly versioned. Certainly improvements to be made there in the future to ensure that the HTML and all remote sources are on the same version. I usually prefer building everything out with the version number at the root of the path which both takes care of cache invalidation once the browser gets the new HTML and allows time travel for past versions.


Good to go. I’m still new to cloudfront and I tried to invalidate /index.html when you are supposed to invalidate the root instead /


I’m assuming this red banner indicating motion on my front Porch has to do with recent update,

It is ok, but how do I clear it?


That looks like a Smart Home Monitor incident, I believe you will need to use the home tab of the SmartThings app to reset the security incident.


Not sure what you mean by reset,

St app says everything is ok

I never got this red banner before the update.


@webCoRE_Minions has anyone else seen an unexpected SHM incident like this? The app screenshot only shows smoke detectors – any idea why a motion sensor would come through as a Smart Home Monitor incident?


Hi, what do you mean by “hard refresh the dashboard”? How do you go about doing that?

In the past, I have gone into SmartThings Classic App - Automation - SmartApps - webCoRE.
Then under Settings - Maintenance - Clean up and rebuild data cache which has helped resolve odd issues for me in the past. Not sure if that’s what you mean, but some guidance would be helpful. Thanks!


I’ve never seen that before… I only use SHM for water detection though, and never seen it on the dashboard.


Whatever is the hard refresh sequence for your browser/operating system. For example, on Chrome on a Mac it’s hold down Shift then click reload in the browser (or Command, Shift and R).


In Windows, you can load your Dashboard,
and then hit Ctrl-F5 to force a hard refresh.
(I think this works in both Chrome & Firefox)