webCoRE Update v0.3.108.20180906 - restore pistons from backup file, bug fixes


Doesn’t work on iOS, the backup needs to be performed on a computer that can download and save files generated in the browser. We’ll have to identify that limitation on-screen to avoid confusion. The webCoRE servers are uninvolved in the backup and SmartThings platform is only used for fetching the piston data. The file is created and encrypted entirely in your browser, so unlike a normal “download this URL” the download is triggered from local data that exists only in the browser environment.

Backup bin codes are the existing remote backup solution, but public backups are anonymized and private backups are encrypted and only accessible to the webCoRE smart app install that created them.


Not sure if I should post this here or under bug reports - seems like a new issue so I’ll try here. Can’t seem to select “location” from the menu when trying to set actions. It allows you to create task anyway with location selected but can’t actualy click and check it.


FIXED: Chrome: WebCore Overall type: Unknown_Type server type: No_Server_Data Dialogue Error

Oh cool, webCoRE was using the same attribute that Chrome was abusing for form filling. I’ll fix that and other instances of missing default text.


Are you referring to what I posted? I’ve tried sharing the same video with three different cloud storage platforms and none seem to be visible in the post. :grinning:


Yes I downloaded the video and am working on a fix


This should be fixed now if you refresh the dashboard.

WebCoRE Logging & Debug Output

All set thanks!


Immediately after updating SmartApps and reloading the dashboard, I noted that a couple of my longest-running pistons were failing. It appears they are getting ‘stuck’ on Wait statements (see image below) and in one case that was creating some kind of odd loop.

I was trying to nail that issue down and determine whether it was an ST or webCoRE issue I was seeing, but in the process discovered that ‘Create Duplicate Piston’ isn’t working for me any more. It only creates a new, blank piston.


Pistons with waits failing [TCP piston state change]

The webCoRE dashboard states “A newer SmartApp version (v0.3.108.20180906)” is available, yet when I try to update in IDE there is no new SmartApp. There does seem to be a new Device Handler, but when I try to update from the repo it isn’t listing an obsolete version. Help?


Confirmed, I’ll take a look at that ASAP.


This is fixed now, just force reload the dashboard. Sorry but I don’t have any insight into your original observations about wait statements.


Wasn’t expecting any, at least not yet. Just putting it out there in case anyone else observes anything similar.


Ditto, same issue…


Same here. and It seems Ive got pistons malfunctioning saying they will never fore because not subscribed when they were working just fine days ago.


I’m having issues with waits as well, same as above.

The log shows that it’s requesting a wake up, but Next scheduled time shows never:


I also don’t show any updates available in IDE.


Count me in as another.

Pulled perhaps due to the above noted issues?


I’m not aware of any issues caused by the latest release and it has not been pulled from GitHub.


Seems that the GitHub connection for you and a few others is broken. In the past people have always had success with disconnecting from GitHub in the IDE and reconnecting, but that is a lot of work if you have multiple repos set up.

Would you please instead try adding a new repository to see if that triggers ST to check for the update? My Smart Apps > Settings > Add new repository with the fields ady624 webCoRE staging. You don’t need to install anything from that repository, I just want to see if adding it triggers ST to check for updates on ady624/webCoRE/master.


Sorry, I was just noting the comments about issues with Waits and others with piston issues.


This morning, without doing anything suggested here I am now seeing an update. I guess ST had a hiccup with Github yesterday.