When & where is the next rocket launch worldwide?


This seems to work. Am I correct here?



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The code:
will return true or false, so w[x] will likely never match.

What I meant was a direct true/false comparison, like this:


which returns the last line here



How true, but all the complexities are in the ELSE blocks, LOL


Well, after two successful launches yesterday, today’s launch was scrubbed…

Still two more potential launches in the next week. :star_struck: :artificial_satellite:


Not specifically referencing that last launch, but I believe the window to Mars is still open until mid August. Anything not ready for launch by then will have to wait 26 months.


You made me curious. Here are the missions planned in this window: (More details here)

1 Hope Mars Mission, 2020
     Hope aims to discover why the planet has lost its atmosphere
     UAE Launched July 19th 
2 Perseverance Rover, 2020
     aims to study Martian astrobiology in an attempt to understand what environmental conditions may have been like on Mars in the past via a Martian sample return
     Launched yesterday
3 Tianwen-1, 2020
     The mission will serve as a technological demonstration of the resources and tech required for a Mars sample return mission
     China’s National Space Science Center will launched July 23rd (but we didn't know what it was)

So it looks like everything planned for this window has launched.


Looks like they will try again tomorrow. At least that’s the current estimate.


Tonight was certainly a good test for the notifications and updating. Two launch attempts only 3 hours and 12 minutes apart. I got both notifications. Of course, the Alaska launch had no video coverage and was scrubbed again. SpaceX went off like clockwork including a night landing on the drone ship. Impressive. As long as there are no weather issues, SpaceX is very reliable. Looking forward to the next manned mission!

Alaska crew will try again tomorrow.


Between launches, the API source took 3.1 hours to update to the second launch, so by the time it did, the launch was 8 minutes away. (so no alert was sent, as expected)


Interesting. I know it is a matter of timing. Mine updated after 2.6 hours so was still early enough to notify me on the second launch. My piston is running every half hour when hrsToLaunch<4 and getting new API data every time so that helped. hrsToLaunch goes negative after the launch so it keeps retrieving new data until it is updated.


Sorry, I should have said:
“the API source took between 2.1 and 3.1 hours to update to the second launch”
(meaning my piston did not notice the change until 3.1 hours later)


Impressive launch schedule coming up. 5 launches planned within the next 3 days. Of course, the NRO launch scheduled now is having issues.


Wow. Spectaculair scrub at T-3 seconds. Everything was lighting up and then just fizzled out.


Which would you rather see?

… or a “Lame launch”?


The scrub was pretty interesting because they started igniting the engines and everything looked good and then it all just stopped. It was weird. Still rather see a successful launch.

Also, I was actually surprised they were even streaming it since it was an NRO mission. Of course they didn’t have any pictures inside the fairing but they had some cool promos for NRO and ULA and a great history of the delta rocket. It was a good show but pretty late at night.


I like it when it goes BOOOOOOM!!!


Launch in 10 minutes.
Live feed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-gLOsDjE3E

This mission marks SpaceX’s first launch to a polar orbit from the East Coast, and the first polar launch from Florida in decades. (and the first ever from Cape Canaveral)

At it’s max power, the vehicle consumes more than 700 gallons of fuel per second

This could fill a standard size pool (15’ x 30’) in 15 seconds!

I wonder how many pipes (at what thickness) it takes to move that much liquid…


I believe this is the first time I have ever seen Stage-1 land at the same place it took off…

(touched down 8 minutes after launch)

Congratz SpaceX!

Note, The Live stream link above can be “rewound” if you missed it…


Rare trajectory at T+10:21…

Passing over Antarctica at the 40 min mark…

… and a bonus pic for the Flat-Earthers…