4 logical Operators


Im using a contact sensor but I only want it to operate the piston at different times
If contact sensor is open
time is between 7am and 11 am
time is between 2 pm and 4 pm
time is between 7 pm and 11 pm
The way it is now is that it operates all the time. I tried to change the 1st or to and but they all change
How would I accomplish this. Can I not change one Logical Operater


On the first if, if you click add condition, then select group rather than condition. You can then put your time conditions or’d in there. Then click on the or before the group conditions, and change it to an and.

if contact sensor is open and (time between or time between or time between)

It would be worth seeing your piston.




I also have another problem/question.
My dad has a subscription with Webcore as well im trying to start one of his pistons with one of my pistons. Im trying to do that with location/get request then i past in the ULR of his piston. This does not seem to work.


It’s probably better to post as a new issue, and include your piston. Make sure it’s the anonymised one, so others cant operate your dads piston!