A picture is worth a thousand words


I haven’t yet seen a thread here for interesting tech-related pictures…
… so let me get the ball rolling.

This makes sense in hindsight… but I was taken back when I first saw this data…

This data was gathered 18 months ago, but look at that worldwide ratio!!
(2nd place times 4 = 1st place)

(IAAS = infrastructure as a service)

Of course, a huge chuck of Amazon’s Market Share stems from AWS (Amazon Web Services).
For example, last I checked, our pistons were actually stored in AWS… (probably leased by SmartThings)


I captured this screenshot while I was watching the movie Code 8 on Netflix…

I think it is a decent historical representation of our technology-thru-the-ages

It got me thinking though…

I wonder where webCoRE would fit on that spectrum…

Perhaps, way over there :arrow_right:


I guess, to be fair, I should also mention that our SmartHome could not exist without elements from each of the “steps” leading up to it.


I just discovered a web based UI that uses Artificial Intelligence to paint pictures
(based on your search query).

The art is drawn as you watch (in about 15 seconds), and the output is different each time.

For those artistically inclined, I should probably warn you that the page can easily become a rabbit hole…

Here is a few samples using only the word “SmartHome”…
(using filters “Steampunk”, “Mystical”, “Fantasy” & “Psychic”)

. .


Note: They have mediocre reviews on the apps in the app store, but the web UI works extremely well.