A quick way to determine what tomorrow will be


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Wondering if there’s a quick way to use $dayOfWeekName or any other system variable to determine what tomorrow’s name will be. I’d rather not create a whole bunch of if/thens. Thanks!


What’s the use cae? Just curious.


Look at function weekdayname(date or a number)

0= Sunday
(it will automatically mod 7 for you if you pass say 7 and > )

a dateTime will also give you this.

So you can use weekdayname( $dayOfWeek+1) for example


I have an morning alarm piston that, when turned on, sets the alarm based on the current day, but I’d like it to respond with the next day. So, if you set it on Monday, the response will be “Alarm set for Tuesday”. The default time is 1:05, but two other days are different.