A shameless plug for a new ST Facebook group


Hey guys and Gals,
I created a new user group on Facebook that I hope you’ll join. For the record, it is separate and not affiliated with the webCoRE community.

There are a number of SmartThings related groups, and more Home Automation groups already. So why the new group? Why join?

The current big group run by has problems. The Admins in general are rude to members and treat the group like a bunch of kids to be policed.

Our new group has a couple of rules.

  • Treat each other with respect.
  • Act like adults.
  • no politics or religion
  • keep it HA related. Hardware, software, all ok, ST topics preferred

Come check out the group, please join. And please help make it a robust resource and respectful group.



Will join in, thanks again @Cozdabuch for everything you’re doing to make our community shine and reach as many people possible.


Thanks @Kebel871
Appreciate that


Yeah second that’s @Cozdabuch my understanding of WebCoRE has come on miles since the new community, it’s been a massive help. So thank you for putting all this together to make that possible! :smile:


I’d love to take credit, but credit is due to all of the @webCoRE_Minions! These guys are rock stars. I just help with some site janitorial services from time to time.


Your right of course the @webCoRE_Minions are fantastic, thanks for all your help! Of course not forgetting the master of Disaster @ady624 for making it all possible! :smile: