A Simple Notification for Door Sensors


I have 5 door sensors and wanted a simple solution to send me a notification when any of the sensors changed their state.

This piston will send an SMS when a door sensor state is changed, and will report its condition…i.e. Open or Closed. It will also trigger an Aeotec Doorbell to play a specific mp3 file sound.

This is pretty simple, but may be of some value for anyone starting out.


I know it’s an old topic but I just wanted to say thanks for this. I’ve got door sensors and the Aeotec doorbell, but don’t have any experience using variables in webcore. Right now I’ve set up a different “IF” for each door, with a different text to send me for if that door opens. Your example clued me in on how to use a single message with variable to establish which door opened/closed.


How can I set it so that instead of chime, when a door sensor goes from close/open , alexa notifies me through speaker?


I believe Alexa can’t do that because YET there is still no way of sending alexa anything from any 3rd party app etc. (I have not checked ECHO SPEAKS app though)
I use SONOS to do that.
I guess some other ST compatible zwave and/or wifi speaker also can do that.


You are now able to use Alexa as a speaker. I have 6 Echo devices throughout my home and use them to announce people coming through the “Everywhere” group I created in the Alexa app, to using a specific one to announce a door or window opening/closing. Webcore is able to see these devices and utilize them.

This is done through the ST SmartApp “Echo Speaks”. Echo Speaks