A Simple Notification for Door Sensors


I have 5 door sensors and wanted a simple solution to send me a notification when any of the sensors changed their state.

This piston will send an SMS when a door sensor state is changed, and will report its condition…i.e. Open or Closed. It will also trigger an Aeotec Doorbell to play a specific mp3 file sound.

This is pretty simple, but may be of some value for anyone starting out.


I know it’s an old topic but I just wanted to say thanks for this. I’ve got door sensors and the Aeotec doorbell, but don’t have any experience using variables in webcore. Right now I’ve set up a different “IF” for each door, with a different text to send me for if that door opens. Your example clued me in on how to use a single message with variable to establish which door opened/closed.


How can I set it so that instead of chime, when a door sensor goes from close/open , alexa notifies me through speaker?


I believe Alexa can’t do that because YET there is still no way of sending alexa anything from any 3rd party app etc. (I have not checked ECHO SPEAKS app though)
I use SONOS to do that.
I guess some other ST compatible zwave and/or wifi speaker also can do that.


You are now able to use Alexa as a speaker. I have 6 Echo devices throughout my home and use them to announce people coming through the “Everywhere” group I created in the Alexa app, to using a specific one to announce a door or window opening/closing. Webcore is able to see these devices and utilize them.

This is done through the ST SmartApp “Echo Speaks”. Echo Speaks


I just finished creating a simpler version of Bruce Young’s Intrusion Announcement piston (6wzjz) to send announcements to my Alexa devices via Echo Speaks. While his is used to warn off intruders I simply announce which contact opened.


Is there a way to have the sound be played using the tablet’s speaker? I have attempted BigTalker2 with LANnouncer, but I could not get any sound to play from that configuration. Any help with using the local tablet speaker is greatly appreciated.



If your tablet is Android, I use Tasker & this method to do exactly that.
(It works for voice as well as sound effects)


@WCmore: Thank you for your response. I saw the linked post previously, but it lists in the requirements that a bluetooth speaker is needed. What I am asking to do, if possible, is use the tablet’s internal speaker to chime or speak announcements. I tried with Big Talker2 and LANnouncer, but I couldn’t get that to work either.

Can the internal speaker of the tablet be used to chime or speak announcements?



@daiorider: Are the “Music Player1, Music Player2, and Music Player 3” the Alexa devices? I have an Echo Dot that came free with the Ring Doorbell I just purchased. In another post in this thread I asked about using the internal speaker of the Samsung tablet, but if there is no way to make use of the internal speaker I’ll try this method with Echo Speaks. Could you please confirm what the Music Player devices are with respect to the WebCoRE Piston?



For what you are asking, an external speaker is not required at all.
(You can follow along and ignore the speaker steps)


Yes, Music Players are Alexa Devices. I have two Alexa Dots and a Fire Cube. I recently added an Alexa Show to my Piston and all make the announcement when a door opens to set off the alarm.


sorry for the delay; they are echo devices.


Thanks also for this. Like web, I was transitioning from one script for each door to one script for all the doors and this got me there. The only thing I’m adding is that for two of the doors, I don’t want a message sent if I’m home and it’s not night. That’s not at all hard to do.