AC Temperature control


I was trying to set the ACs for a certain temperature but I couldn’t find any piston examples that fits my needs. That’s why I am sharing this.
This is a very simple piston but I thought it may help some one like me:) (newbie)
I have wall units and I am using ZXT IR sender.

I tried to write different pistons and for some reason none of them worked properly (I believe due to triggers vs conditions???) as I said I am a newbie so this piston is no where close to be perfect but it works perfectly:)))))

  • The timer checks the temperature every hour (you can change it)
  • Day time is different than night time.
  • The range is up to you.

*30 seconds delay between the actions are spesific to my case. If the piston sends all the commands in one go, the AC misses them. So the piston has to wait around 20 seconds before sending a new command.
*It starts with TURN OFF ( just incase if someone used the remote control of the AC, it gets confused:))) So I turn the AC OFF first and start fresh.

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Nice workaround to sync your devices @ike2018!

I notice this piston only runs from 6:01am to 8:01pm…
I assume you use a second piston for nighttime settings?


Thanks man…
Night time is manual for this one…
I just set it up to fan (low set) and let it run till the morning.


Perfect. Your statement above, 'Day time is different than night time." just threw me for a minute… but I understand now. You never said it did anything at night, LOL


Is thermostats control the AC temperature too?


A Dual Thermostat or a Cooling Thermostat will control AC temps. (The Dual will also control heating temps.)


No, this one I’m using can’t. (At least not like NEST and central cooling systems but I haven’t check the DHT fully)
it’s just a IR signal Extender.
But some systems will allow you too have full control over your AC


Wanted to add a thank you for this example. Was trying to do something similar with my ceiling fan’s speed control switch. I learned about using vairables! :slight_smile:


When you define and set MBedroom3 variable to the temperature sensor, it only runs once the first time the you start the piston…


I’m not sure that’s the case. I think the define “runs” every time the piston executes.
See the following Wiki entry: (under *Initial value -)


This is true. If you hard code a variable up top in the define section, it sets the variable each time the piston runs. On top of that, certain loops or waits may also force an update to it. Because of this, I never hard code a variable in the define section unless that variable rarely changes.