Activate Piston: Every Other Tuesday


Simply put, I want a piston to activate itself every other Tuesday and starting on a specific Tuesday. How do I go about doing this? Happy to answer any other questions or provide more background if needed.

Thank you for your help.


Will something like this work?


Thank you your quick reply @eibyer - let me give this a go. I was overcomplicating this and like your thinking here.


@salieri, Just be sure in your actual implementation you don’t assign a value to execDate in the define section. As written, this will execute in two weeks and then never again since it will always want to execute 14 days after 5/31.


Thanks for catching that @guxdude! I fell for the common mistake in dealing with variable definition. This one I tested a little bit but had to cheat and add no operation timer to keep the piston alive, I used a minute for testing. Also, addMinutes() needs to be changed to addDays().