Add a CASE statement


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I have searched but could not find if it is possible to insert into a SWITCH statement. I have a SWITCH statement that uses my Echo devices. I use the “Fall-through” option so I don’t have to repeat a bunch of code. Now, if I add a new Echo to my home, how do I insert that Echo into a new CASE statement? It appears that I have to move everything down and make a slot for the new Echo. That requires dragging lots of code. Suggestions?


I have struggled with this in the past. There doesn’t seem to be a way to rearrange case statements which is frustrating. You can add case statements and you can move code around but if you need a new case statement in between two existing ones, I was unable to do that. Maybe needs to be a feature request?


Yeah, currently, there’s not a direct way to move CASE statements where you need them without shifting/deleting/etc. other statements within the SWITCH block. Unfortunately, Adrian left for the Dark Side before this needed editing capability was implemented.