Add webCoRE support to new smarthome system


Is it possible to add webCoRE to anything else except SmartThings and Hubitat? Where is the first step, if I would like to do that?


You are likely to start with the sources…and it is likely to be a large coding effort.

The HE port was begun by using the ST code.

the core HE and ST (classic) platforms were pretty similar (groovy code, very similar API set for interacting with the core platform.). Still a lot of changes were made to HE for platform differences, even though likely still 90% of the code would run on both platforms.

To another platform, if very similar to ST (classic), it may be a similar effort HE (which has been a lot).

If the platforms are very dis-similar…who knows, may be a complete do over…

The core of webcore is a complex groovy app that interacts with the webcore servers. But a fair bit of the code deals with the ‘operating environment’ for home automation - events, devices, system functions, etc.

The HE and ST (classic) ‘operating environment’ for home automation at their core are similar. The new ST environment is very different, and it is likely webcore will never work there.