Air Quality Index (AQI)


Air Quality Index (AQI)

Displays the AQI data retrieved from PurpleAir’s servers, based on particulate matter data (PM2.5) obtained from your PurpleAir AQI station (or someone else’s station)

Uses Barry Burke’s (@storageanarchy) data type handler (DTH). Once the device is created, simply select the device’s name on two lines in the piston.

The piston needs to be in a detail/tile (or tile/detail) category; because of the way tiles are displayed on the webCoRE status page, display is limited to one AQI station per category.

Tiles are color-coded as per AQI range and displays AQI averages over various time frames. Additional sensor information is displayed, but not for temperature and humidity, since those readings are not very accurate.

Search for “PurpleAir” in the ST forum for detailed installation of the DTH; the DTH works in the ST and Hubitat environments, and so does this piston.

Can be used for the outdoor (PA-II) and indoor (PA-I Indoor) sensors. For a map of AQI data from around the world, see

As for the unhealthy indoor AQI displayed in the example screen shot below, the wifey was cooking, LOL …