Alexa Speaks Started To Work


So yesterday at 4:00pm 2-7-2022 Alexa started to speak again from my pistons on webcore now this only lasted about 1 hour. When it was all shutdown the alexa speaks I just left them as is incase something was done to make things work again. this has happened not just yesterday but many times in the past all of sudden my pistons that have speaking in them just start to work. Anyone else have this behavior and if so any ideas why this starts to work sometimes?


I have a few experimental pistons that broke months/years ago, and yet they resurface a couple of times a month.

I suspect they slip thru the cracks shortly after they reboot the server, but before the new policies kick in.
(in other words, the framework remains, but they’re intentionally blocking certain elements)


Do you mean Echo Speaks? You should look at the VoiceMonkey skill if you want it to do similar. It now costs $6 a year. I have been using it for a long time and it works very well.