All Devices Offline in New App, But Still Work. Classic App Has Everything Online


I’m brand new to ST. Hub still shows as online. I’ve rebooted Hub from IDE and logged out, no luck. I created a test Momentary Tile Button to turn on a switch, but it says can’t connect in the App when the button is pressed. Classic app however everything is online and the Momentary Tile Button triggers the light correctly.

Any ideas?


try logging out of the new app and sign back in. if using Android, you may want to clear the app cache when logged out.


Alright, I logged out and did clear cache before logging back in. After logging back, a few devices do say online now, but most devices still say offline despite still being able to control them from the app. Devices that I would think should have no issue like the virtual momentary tile button for instance just says “checking status” forever.


I used your link to IDE and confirmed all my devices listed there were online.

I logged out of both classic and new app, and now logged back into new app but all devices still show offline, with only 1 or 2 exceptions.


With the firmware release this week, it is most likely attributed to that. It seems every time ST updates their hub firmware, there are some cloud issues that immediately follow. If everything shows as online in IDE, then I would suggest reporting the issue directly to ST.


I’ve had a lot of problems with devices in the new app since Tuesday morning in the UK (which was hub update day, but that didn’t start until about 4 pm UK time). It is always the same devices and they all behave the same way at the same time, which is:

  • The problem device tiles all show ‘Offline’, ‘Getting status …’ (indefinitely), or a blank status. Which one you see depends on what you’ve done to try and clear the problem.
  • Sometimes you can’t open the devices at all.
  • Usually you can open the devices and they basically work fine. If the device genuinely is offline you get a toast message come up. Except …
  • If the device has capabilities that cause shortcuts to be offered, clicking on those shortcuts opens up blank screen, toasts an error, and returns.
  • If you try to create an Automation and add a device status condition, none of the problem devices show. This is the same problem causing the previous issue.
  • The devices work fine seemingly everywhere else.

The penny finally dropped this morning about what the devices that didn’t work properly had in common, and what the ones that did work had in common. The answer is:

  • The devices that have problems should be showing the default status, which is the device health i.e. Offline or Online (I think they may say Connected rather than Online, but I haven’t seen one since Monday …).
  • The devices that are working OK all use another capability attribute as their status, such as switch, motion or presence.

Coincidentally I’ve been messing around with device profiles on these device with mixed results. When I twigged what was going on I tweaked the device handlers to use something less experimental and all bar one device started behaving. The only one being awkward is a temperature sensor as I’ve not hit on the way to change the tile status attribute for that one (at least not without compromising the device page).