Always On Switches


1) Give a description of the problem
I have some switches that need to always be on. I can do this individually one device at a time but I don’t know how to do this with a group of devices

2) What is the expected behaviour?
Of this group of devices, if any are turned off, turn that one back on. I absolutely know how to do this one device at a time, i just want a piston to basically do this for all of them all the time.

3) What is happening/not happening?
I lack the piston design knowhow to execute this but I know its possible.

**4) Post a **Green Shot
I don’t know how to design the thing im looking for.

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Do you mean something like this?


Wow, something ive been putting off for literal years was so simple.


I’m trying to put this together and I dont think this takes me where I want to go. Whichever of the lights gets turned off, I want that one to be turned on (I do not want to send a on command to all of them).


If the device is already “on”, webcore will not send a “turn on.” But if you want to be a purist :slight_smile:, then you can use an IF to see if the device is off, and if so, turn it on.



You can also do…

If any of @Must_Stay_On_Switches changes to off
  with $currentEventDevice
    turn on
  end with
end if


Ok, i think this is more the exact setup i was looking for.

Had an issue with polling. As soon as i corrected, it worked. I think to cut down on the polling, just leave the wall switches at 30 mins and bring the more critical ones such as refrigerator power monitor to whatever polling is appropriate.

When the housekeepers hit the redundant switches I’ll just know that within 30 mins they’ll get flipped back on which is plenty sufficient.

Now, that creates another gap. Ok, the housekeeper hits the switch on the way out, that is theoretically the last time motion is detected. When the power switch is triggered by webcore sometime in the next 30 mins because of polling, the lights are going to come on, boot, auto adjust but there will never be a trigger to turn off the bulbs until there is another motion detected and then not detected again.

I think I need some sort of “if comm error changes to false, wait x minutes (to give the bulb time to boot/connect) and if there is no motion at THAT time, then again, turn off all the bulbs.”

Comm error changing to false because during the power interruption comm error would be true and recovering from power failure would be changing to a comm error value of false.