Amazon Polly / Node-Sonos


Hello All,

I am wondering if somebody might be able to assist me in getting Webcore / Sonos / Node-Sonos-http-api / Amazon Polly setup. At this point I have most of setup and tested but I can’t figure out how to integrate Node-Sonos-http-api with Amazon Polly. I setup my Amazon Polly account and created a user. Looking at the instructions on the gethub, I am first confused on how to fill in the settings.json file. I have my accessKeyId and secretAccessKey. I am unsure of where to find the “Region” for the settings.json file. I will admit, this is my first dealings with AWS.


Your AWS zone (or region) can be found on your EC2 dashboard at

Up in the upper right hand corner, click on the region name (in gold)


Depending on your zone and chosen preferences, your settings.json should then look something like this:

“aws”: {
“credentials”: {
“region”: “us-west-1”,
“accessKeyId”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“secretAccessKey”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”
“name”: “Amy”
“announceVolume”: 25


Perfect, it was right under my nose! Thanks for the help.