Ambient Weather Station and LIFX


Hi folks -

I’m creating a piston that makes a correlation between my Ambient Weather Station (AWS) and my LIFX bulbs based off of the brightness reading on the AWS. The issue I’m running into is that “lux” on the AWS and “lux” on the LIFX seem to be on two different scales.

The AWS reports it’s luminance (which it calls solar radiation) on a scale from 0 to 25,000 - while the LIFX accepts as input luminance values between 0 and 100 (which is not really “lux” as it is a measure of brightness of total output from the bulbs.)

I’ve been feeding the values from the AWS to the LIFX by assuming that since both scales are linear, that I can just do a straight LIFX.lux = AWS.lux / 250 … while this works sort of, it doesn’t feel right (or look correct on my bulbs). Has anyone else tackled this?

Thanks in advance.