Announcement - Changes to Legacy SmartThings Platform


It would be good to share examples of this so it can be looked into.


What other ST SApps have you used on both platforms and what has your assessment been?


The only two ST that I use that were ported over are webcore and NST manager. Other apps I use are built in apps from hubitat or a few custom apps from developers over there. Do you want an assessment of those apps or hubitat itself?


Just an overall assessment of the gap analysis of the two programs. I didn’t see a post on on which devs/SApps will be moved over to the new app. There are several I use that are vital to my setup so I have to see if those are on HE or will be written with the new API.


There is a thread on the ST forum in regards to th tools that developers will use to convert their Smartapps and device handlers for the new app. Right now it looks like rough going but I would imagine in time everything will be worked out and developers will be successful in the migration of their code :slight_smile:


Everybody else refers to that thread as a train wreck.


That thread is just about getting the new app to display richer capabilities that were intrinsic in the Classic app. There’s been very little (if any) success reported in there to date.

And that’s not about rewriting all those DTHs and SmartApps to use the new API for accessing the SmartThings cloud, nor about developers of SmartApps figuring out how to host their code or in what form it’s going to take. That’s still a massive undertaking.

I suspect any SmartApp or DTH without an active developer will simply disappear when Groovy is turned off next year.


Yuk! I predicted this in the past: