Announcement - Changes to Legacy SmartThings Platform




Well that certainly doesn’t offer much hope there’ll ever be a new webCoRE now does it? Hate being in this position where it’s either I give up the main driver of 99% of all my automations on SmartThings or I endure the pain of moving all my devices and automations over to Hubitat.


May I ask how you heard this?

If true, for some strange reason, I find this positively liberating… I’m going to bet that Adrian can do much more while unaffiliated, than he could with going thru management or red tape at SmartThings…

Let’s just hope his interest still lies with SmartHome logic…




If anything it probably raises the chances of a revamped version of Webcore that works with Rules API. I’m sure @ady624 can’t say why he left, but maybe he can say if he’s allowed to work on Webcore now .


Makes you wonder if he’s manually turning on switches at home :slight_smile:


This appears like trolling. You’ve been badmouthing webCoRE on the SmartThings forum for over 16 months, telling people on a daily basis, sometimes five times a day, that they should either stop using webCoRE, or if they’re thinking about using webCoRE for the first time, not to bother to install it, and to use the inferior inbuilt Automations instead.

And now you’re interested in Adrian’s work status?


Depends how you look at it I guess. Left to their own devices, the webCoRE Community hasn’t exactly been galvanised into action. So things might have improved from having no hope to an only hope. Rather depends on what Adrian wants to do really. That’s his business though.


ST is taking another step towards the eventual transition from groovy on the ST platform.