It's not the end, it's a new beginning!


Hello fellow webCoRE minions. It has been a long time since I made a post here. But I have some super exciting news for the webCoRE users from around the world. All I can say for now, is that December 31st is not the end, it’s a new beginning. Stay tuned for more details.

I’d also like to thank everyone who has carried the torch since @ady624 first started working on CoRE, back in 2016. Christmas this year will definitely bring something new for everyone to cherish!

Announcement - Changes to Legacy SmartThings Platform

Awesome tease. WebCore may have a future on ST!

Too bad no one mentioned this before most of us left for Hubitat, especially after seeing no likelihood of edge driver support for many of our devices, and numerous problems with the ones that were switching over. Here’s what I did with my ST hub 2 weeks after switching to HE:

Good luck, but if you only knew the power of the dark side…


If it is this:

…then welcome to the dark side (joking). Actually an awesome community who have helped me a lot more than I ever was on ST.


I am afraid that webCoRE’s future on SmartThings is not very bright. There may be ways to put it on life support, temporarily, for those who want to bend backwards. But the grass is greener image for those who follow Hubitat Elevation. webCoRE is about to get the respect it has always deserved for the countless hours of effort that the community has put into it!


It’s exciting to hear there is going to further development of some kind on webCoRE. I’ve always been a big fan, but have occasionally been frustrated with it’s many unresolved quirks.

To be clear, the post you linked to regarding HubiThings Replica is wholly unrelated to @Bdobrescu’s pending announcement. HubiThings Replica is intended for those who need or prefer to use SmartThings in one capacity or another, but want the many additional benefits of using Hubitat—webCoRE amongst them. Replica simplifies that connection, so that those people no longer have to “bend over backwards.”


Aha! I was tempted to ask earlier if HE was going to bring Adrian on board in one capacity or another :blush:


As a the special guest to our next Hubitat Live, maybe. He is still thinking about what color background he should use and if his room lighting is suitable for YouTube.


My bad assumption. I figured since the only active topic on this forum for that past year has been the Hubitat section that this new post in Community section had something to do with ST users. Maybe unrelated, but also a pathway for them to easily join us on HE.

Thanks very much to Hubitat team for great XMAS present!


Please don’t let Samsung buy you and eff up HE the way they did ST!


I’m not sorry at all. I made the switch to Hubitat a couple months ago and wish I had made the change sooner. Device support is better and wider. I only needed one custom driver to get a device working and there were several available from the community. Everything else that needed custom driver support and cloud execution in ST works with built-in drivers in Hubitat Elevation (HE). Much of what I needed Webcore for in ST, I can do using the built-in dashboard and rules engine tools in HE.

It can be challenging to switch over if you have a lot of devices just because you have to reset your devices and pair them to the HE hub but, with some advanced planning, it can be done, generally without too many headaches. Any issues, I had I found willing support from the community.

Plus, the Hubitat dashboards are much nicer (but do have a lot of limitations for the record)