WebCoRE on ST lives on post Groovy! [with a Hubitat Hub]


Thanks to @Bloodtick_Jones who’s surpassed even his own previous contributions to the community, now there’s a path for ST users to continue using webCoRE after groovy shuts down, for the price of a Hubitat hub. Which is an infinitesimally small price to pay for a life with webCoRE!

Post on Hubitat forum…

and SmartThings forum.

Addressing the end of webCoRE
It's not the end, it's a new beginning!
Announcement - Changes to Legacy SmartThings Platform

Having been involved as an Alpha Tester, I’m excited to see this shared with the community at large at last in BETA form. I can attest that this is truly well done software, a professional effort at every level.


Guys, pardon my confusement but as usual, I’m confused. I moved all of my devices and pistons from ST to HE a few months ago and my ST hub is now hanging out with my dusty X10 stuff on a shelf in my basement. Why would I want to use HE to communicate with SmartThings? HE is doing a bang up job and I have nothing (devices, locations, SmartApps, etc.) left on the ST platform.

I’m sure there’s a bunch of use cases that make HubiThings valuable but they’re not coming to me at the moment. And this is absolutely not meant to minimize the considerable effort that I’m sure went into developing and testing the software. I’m just wondering how one would use it. TIA.


@markplewis If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it!


+1 on “in the basement with X-10”, but I still love my old ADI Ocelot IR/X10 controller, unlike the useless ST POS.

IMHO, a lot of users still on ST for various reasons (still in disbelief, satisfied with mediocre capabilities new Lua/edge ecosystem offers, waiting for something better, lazy, stupid or indifferent), and likely frustrated by losing many Groovy tools they have enjoyed (like webCoRE). If I hadn’t finally moved to HE a few months ago, this app would have made it a no brainer. Without it, really only the scarier choice many of us took to just rip the bandaid off.

Between this, and greatly-expanded support for webCoRE native on HE:

I think HE will gain a lot of new customers.


I think it’s a way to sell HE hubs as well as letting ST users keep their WebCore pistons alive. I’d recommend any ST user who takes this path to just convert everything to HE. I converted from ST to HE over a year ago (maybe two) and I was actually pleasantly surprised at how quickly I was able to get everything working on HE the way it did on ST. I was also happy to see how most of my pistons just worked and the couple of changes that I did need to make were easy to remedy. Most importantly, I like how I don’t get the occasional minutes long lag times when double/triple/etc tapping my Inovelli switches to control more or multiple devices.