Another HE piston execution difference?


Hi everyone.

Found another glitch in HE execution on a former ST piston of mine. I’d like to understand why it works differently on HE vs. ST, but would also really appreciate if someone has a simpler method to achieve similar design intent.

Piston (pasted below) controls a Keen vent in a room that gets too hot by shutting it whenever heat turns on, and later as soon as heat turns off, setting the time of this event to a variable. Then there is a trigger 5 minutes after heat=off to crack the vent to 10% open and purge remaining hot air in the dead leg of the duct to the vent slowly into the room, followed by another trigger event 10 minutes later to open the vent fully and enable normal fan/ventilator air circulation, until next heating call.

Problem is the event 5 minutes after heat=off triggers (10% open), but the event 10 minutes after never triggers. It used to work fine on ST, but haven’t figured out why it won’t work on HE.

Any advice much appreciated. Not married to this approach if you see a better way to achieve similar control to my intent here.


what do full logs show?


Set everything back the way it was. Cycled the heat. Both delayed events fired on schedule.

Don’t understand it, but it works now.


Same thing probably possible in webcore, but I think I found a more elegant method in rules 5.1, in case anyone finds it useful: