Any crypto miners here? What automations do you use to help automate your setup?


I’ve been mining for a long time and have a rather large farm. I have the whole thing pretty well automated using SmartThings to monitor my rigs / pools and webCoRE to attempt automated recovery if anything has gone wrong before notifying me.

I’m curious if any of you guys have any cool automatons. Some of mine are pretty crude, but they work flawlessly. I keep them updated. I’m currently editing them right now to migrate them to the SMS functionality as the Contacts Book is being turned off by ST.

I’ve been working on a few automation so I can control which coin I am mining via ST app or automatically via webCoRE. I don’t normally profit switch, but sometimes if it gets too hot I’ll switch algorithms.


I’ve always been interested in getting started in this, but it doesn’t seem cost effective anymore without massive investment. The power and cooling alone seem to outpace what I can mine. Your experience is obviously different. I’m interested in hearing how you manage to make a profit?


Well… Making a daily profit against what you spend on electricity is generally easy depending on what you pay per KWH. My rates are rather high, $0.135/KWH.

Most of my hardware has broken even long ago, but the major cost is buying all the hardware. That said, you don’t need a ton of GPUs, you can start with just one or two. Today’s prices are not bad for hardware but the breakeven on the hardware is still about a year.

There is a lot going on in the crypto game these days with ASIC miners taking on new algorithms. For example, I bought a Z9 Mini which I overclock and get 16000 Sols/S. That is like 20 1080ti cards worth. Only cost $2100, will breakeven in 15-20 days.

I have ST doing the monitors of my rigs. If any of them fails or one of the gpus fails… ST will restart the miner for me without me having to do a thing. Basically runs itself. I just clean them every 4 months.

With a large setup like mine, power and heat become major issues. 2x 30A 240V circuits, PDUs… using 4500-6000 watts continuously depending on the coin I’m mining.

The key to heat is removing it, not cooling it. I have a room dedicated to mining at my house. I turn over the air in the room about every 90 seconds. Outside air in, heated air out. Normally the hot side of the room is 7-8F hotter than the cool side. In the winter I adjust the air movement and turn the air over every 10 minutes. My rigs basically heat my house when I do that.

All this said, today isn’t the best time to take a huge risk on mining, but starting small is fun.


I’ve got an old Raspberry Pi with a few shell scripts that monitor all of my ASIC miners, takes various actions based on temperature or hash-rate (shutdown, restart, etc.) and each one calls a WebCore piston to text status and condition. Also using the Aeon energy monitor with ST integration to keep tabs on energy fluctuations. Might also suggest an open-source package called Grafana. It gives nice pretty metrics with very little effort. I don’t really touch anything except maybe once every couple of weeks.


Given the hash rates, those L3+ miners?

What are you using to get your humidity? It is the one thing I’m not monitoring right now. I’ve read a lot of the zwave ones are hit and miss. I push a lot of air in there from outside so I’d really like to know what it is.

This text below is ST telling me I have an issue and it is going to fix it for me. The rig is one of my lower hash rate rigs. 9x RX 550 4gb cards. I like not having to worry about fixing these rigs myself.


You pick up any Z9 Minis? I’m about 15-20 days from breaking even.


Very nice, I like the PDUs! Wish I had put smart PDUs in at the beginning but didn’t. Now it’s about controlling cost… They are L3+s, no Z9s. Once these guys broke even, they’ve been running since the peak, I just let them sit and run. As long as I’m breaking even on the power I consider it an investment. I may do more but I’m really on the edge of cooling and power + my day job hasn’t really left any time to mess with them.

I’ve been using the Zooz battery powered sensors. Pretty accurate. I’ve put them side by side with a few non-smart sensors and they’ve been on the mark.


They are not smart PDUs. I’m using two Aeon Energy Monitor connected directly in the electrical box on the two separate circuits. (same as you)

I laugh at people who shutdown their miners even when they are making more then they are spending. It almost doesn’t matter how low. Anytime I can give you $1 and you will give me $3, I’ll take it. Even if I give you $1 and you give me $1.05 I’ll still take it!