Any Device Offline Piston


$status does not update immediately. Unplug it and let it sit for awhile


Thanks for the reply, @c1arkbar. Do you know how often $status would update within WebCoRE? I have one device that went gone offline apparently between last night and noon today, but I had not received a notification so I suspect I’m missing something entirely within my piston. Any suggestions for how to modify it to meet my intended goal? I imagine the lack of a timer statement is my downfall here.

Any suggestions for the other questions? Not sure if I should have just set up a new topic in the Design Help section versus continuing this thread.


$status probably won’t trigger an update. Don’t know the frequency it gets updated either. I believe it’s something ST updates after the device can’t be reached after x amount of tries.

Just setup a once a day timer. If anything reports then you’ll know. I don’t have anything like this in my setup


Here’s how I had updated my piston:

I have two devices showing offline as of now and I haven’t received any notification. It doesn’t seem like the piston is running based on the timer statement. Did I do something wrong?

My questions to make this meet my needs even better:

  • How should I change it so that it would notify me once a device has been added to the devicesNotResponding list but not more than once?
  • Is there a way to get more immediate notification versus having to run a timer statement?
  • Is there a way to say “check all available devices” rather than specifically adding each one to the $devicesToCheck variable?


curious, @ line 30 your index is only checking 16 items. It appears you have defined many more items above the traditional limit. please confirm, are you getting notifications for items beyond the 16th?


@rfmurphy81 @faze is “Unavailable” and “offline” the same thing?


That only clears the tile contents which is limited to 16 (or was?). Notifications are sent for everything.


Not sure, its not one of the $status’s I got when I ran a test Device Offline Monitoring


Edit: I had to change the device status is OFFLINE to make it work.

I’m using user piston and couple of my devices are in Unavailable state but I’m not getting any notifications. Is the code still valid and working for others?

This is what I see on the log but not all the devices are online at this time.

Calculating (string) All devices are online as of Thu, Dec 27 2018 @ 6:01:00 PM CST + (string) ! >> (string) All devices are online as of Thu, Dec 27 2018 @ 6:01:00 PM CST!


is OFFLINE works OK, BUT not for Presence sensor…

Piston is reporting it OK but its in my pocket and hub is 130 miles away.
Is it because its a battery device?