Any Device Offline Piston


Hi, lurking and learning
Has anyone out there got a piston that checks for any device being offline? then a push notification with the offending device name

@faze built a piston that checks one device

I would really like it to check all devices



Monitor and Alert on Power Failure

I think that was just a code sample for offline comparison, I do run one that checks multiple I will post later.


Great, thank you very much @faze


Here is the one I use. I forget who posted this originally, but it works pretty good.


Thanks, I will import and have a play

As a guess, how many times has it reported a device going off line?


Thats the one mine is based on, I did attempt to post mine last night but can’t figure out how to post the picture on iOS!

I basically used that one but modified it to use a notification piston rather than SMS, and put a load of tile expressions in, I will still post when I find a computer!


That’s what I want to do…
Notification instead of sms

It seems this is the piston to go for
Do you find a daily check enough?


Yes. For me anyways. I use sms just because I didn’t want my wife to get notified.


Quite a bit. I have a few Lifx bulbs that are quite a ways from my hub and they seem to drop quite frequently.


Thanks… I will try it as soon as I get home


The notification piston just sends PushOver notifications again to increase WAF.

Daily checks are okay but ideally I would like a move live method, as well as a last event per device monitoring, I have yet to figure out either though!


Yet to get WAF :wink:

How did you adjust it for a push notification?

I am just playing with it now, I don’t have any tiles set up yet, so I am attempting to strip bits out…
But I am messing around on an android pad, I need a pc which I will get to soon…

Just looking at the piston, it’s a clever bit of work



Son of a… so apparently I’m a moron! :see_no_evil:


Here is what it should look like with everything stripped out you don’t need:

Here is the original with lots of extra tile stuff:

It’s worth noting that this will only check ST device health status, it won’t monitor for missing devices or last contact with a device.


@faze… thanks, this is as far as I had got

I am going to import yours :slight_smile:

I set mine to run every hour
How do you test it?? I mean I can’t tell if mine works or not


You are pretty much there to be honest! To test wait for a device to go offline, or change the status comparison to one listed here: Device Offline Monitoring and set to run ever couple of minutes, just make sure this is changed back when its working.

I would suggest once a day would be sufficient other wise you will get spammed every hour when something goes offline.


Great… cool, I enjoyed doing this

I want to say thanks to you @faze and @jsinderb

Tremendous help … thankyou


PS spent all this time on this piston … I wanna get spammed :smile:


Tested… Works… Push notification (Yep)



I imported the piston for “cnhb” in @faze’s post and had unplugged a device to test, but I’m not seeing any notification when the device went to OFFLINE, so I fear that I made a rookie mistake. Here’s my piston to laugh at:

After looking at it again and the other examples in this thread, it seems like I may be missing the “when” to execute. I assume there isn’t a mechanism that would sniff out when a status changes without me saying “check this every hour”. My text history shows a few messages in there, but I suspect that was because I hit the test button (which I can’t recall) and I may have had 1 or 2 devices offline at the time. It was pretty cool how it stored the device names under devicesNotResponding.

The goal was to get a notification when a device goes offline, but just the one time, not once per day or every hour or whatever. I’m sure setting an hourly check would seem a bit excessive, right? Also, is there an easier way to say “check all available devices” versus having to specify each one?

Any suggestions for how to adjust this to make it more efficient and meet my goal?