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Hi @ike2018,

Tried to keep it simple with just the motion but it still does not work.
Thanks for the Task Cancellation policy tip, I tried setting as per your advice but the bulbs still turn off as below:
Bulb 1,2,3 - after 15 secs
Bulb 4 - after 55 secs (15 + 40)
Bulb 5 - after 105 secs (15 + 40 + 50)

I am expecting:
Bulb 1,2,3 - after 15 secs
Bulb 4 - after 40 secs
Bulb 5 - after 50 secs
irrespective of other bulbs having their own wait times to turn off


In my experience, “color change” causes delays. Maybe you are having the same problem???

Note : Triggers first, condition later. Swap lines 18 and 20


and let me ask you, why are you using WAIT?
I don’t what you want to accomplish but maybe STAYS INACTIVE would be better in your case.


If you need that, you can set the first two of the tasks to run asychronously (it’ll be in the same place where you set the TCP). That stops the wait delaying the next task.


Hi all!

I’m new to webCoRE but I have a decent understanding of programming (but still a newbie). I have A question with programming a ST button to trigger Alexa devices, maybe bouncing off ideas could help me understand if it is possible/best practices to use.

Current set up: I have 3 wifi switches in my house that only can be used by either Google/Alexa. Unfortunately I can’t actually add them to ST. I have a ST hub up for future items and ST button added.

After some work, I have added a virtual switch to ST that will trigger an Alexa routine to turn switch#1 on. In ST, I programmed the ST button after 1 press it -> Triggers virtual switch -> Triggers Alexa routine -> Turns switch#1 ON. #successful

Here’s where the more advance portion comes into play that I need some help understanding/figuring out. I would like to program another virtual switch and routine to turn this switch off with the same single button press but do it through webCoRE. I would like to reserve the dual button press and long press for additional similar functions in the future. Example “dummed” down function:

  • If button is pressed
    • do virtual switch(on)
      -if virtual switch(on) has already ran “previously”
    • do *virtual switch(off)

I would love to do a check on the switch to see its status is ON then run virtual switch(off) but Alexa doesn’t have an option to just check the status of a device (that I know of). If possible it would probably have to run a third Alexa routine in the mix. What would you ideas be for something like this? I’ve read different posts about ST button pistons but I haven’t seen anything with the same type of set up.


Quick update… After my brain flatulence and going back over all scenarios… I found my answer…

Solution. Due to the type of Virtual Switch I created, it made a toggle function in ST for the button press that I didn’t notice… Mainly because the original function was for a motion sensor/door contact…