Are you a Newbie, this is your post


I am not going to respond on the pistons. :frowning:

I am going to warn users that webcore for ST users will probably cease by the end of this year or whenever groovy is shut down by ST. Users should start planning ahead and looking at automations in the ST app or take a look at Rules API which is not yet finalized. Avoid the Smart Lighting smartapp as it will also be shutdown with the demise of groovy.


Ugh. Thanks for the warning.

Is moving everything to Hubitat a reasonable alternative?


i’m currently researching on that option


Since I moved to Hubitat I have found everything fine, if not better


I have looked into Hubiat for some time. If you have basic zwave and zigbee items all is good. But if you have Ring, MyQ or want to manage TV’s it’s a mess. Things work sometimes, work once and not again. So for the basics works fine. To much work for me…


Thank you all for the feedback…
This round i want to start simple… dimers, lights, maybe a harmony hub etc…
i believe im going to be happy with hubitat


Rodolfo Calderon, Did you get this figured out?